Chapter 1

The first step in the realities
of modern relationships

Women.A Textbook for Men

The long-awaited knowledge
of the relationship between men and woman

Understand what really drives men and women
in a relationship and learn how to be in charge
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This book is only for men

Attention, this book is for men only! Do not let women listen to this book. And do not discuss it with them.

This is a textbook,
not a pick-up
The book opens the way
of becoming a man
to his right place
How to open and run
your inner male
The book turns off viral stereotyped ideas and programs about women

This book reveals many topics and aspects
of relations between the genders.

Here are some of them

In the Western world, happy marriages are becoming more and more of a rarity every year... Chapter 1, Page 2

From this book, you will discover what went wrong in the relationship between a man and a woman, and most importantly what to do about it.

Women thinks in terms of her own immediate interests and is motivated by desires and emotions... Chapter 1, Page 14

In the book, you will find an explanation of the instinctive behavior of women and learn how to use it to your advantage.

The first warning sign of immanent cheating is a disrespectful or careless attitude toward the man... Chapter 2, Page 56

From the book, you will learn how to become fully in control over your relationship.

If you want to have real success with women, it makes no sense whatsoever to attract them by buying them the expensive things that advertising makes prestigious... Chapter 1, Page 30

After listening to the book, you will learn how to build your own successful strategy in dealing with a woman.

In our modern matriarchal society, a woman can, with the government’s help, easily take away a man’s bread, as well as his lair and his children... Chapter 1, Page 20

From the book, you will learn how to defend yourself and notice the first signals of the destruction of relations.

This book is based on ethology

A simple and compact explanation of male and female behavior
that has evolved over thousands of years of evolution.

Ethology —
Science of studying the genetically conditioned behavior (instincts)
of animals, including humans.


That's absolutely fantastic book. Very politically incorrect.
But giving you the (sad) truth. I am not going to give you any spoilers though - get it and read yourself. Every page, every example - absolute real - I recognize all situation, rhetoric and constructions mentioned in this book. Not sure if there is a happy end - I am just in the middle of reading yet. I can only wish author to add paper version. I'd buy 10 copies and spread in office for free :-)
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Vladimir Ignatov Source:
This is AMAZING book. Every man MUST READ it as soon as possible! It is fundamental and systematic: BIBLE of Woman's Psychology like Math in Physics. You might disagree on some author's "intolerance" points but the last one makes some strong statements just to speed up brains of readers. Afterwards, especially smart guys with system analyst skills will read any psychological topics and filter out trash arguments easily. Young men will find out all the answers to their questions why they are still virgin or failing with women and what they should really do with their personal life and happiness. Great work is done by the author. Appreciate and respect!
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Vital Zanko Source:
Kindle only disappointment...
I really enjoyed the authors blog intro, which persuaded me to buy this book. The diagrams really helped pull it all together, and I really think most of that information should have been in this book. The human evolutionary aspect of all this is key to understanding what this book is all about.
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CL H1 Source:
A Great Book!
This a must read for any man! A real "Eye-Opener"! It does have a few grammatical errors - which could be from the translation - but more than worth the cost. Check it out.
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Jeffery C. Mccray Source:
A game-changer.
I recommend this book to all open-minded men. It's extremely politically incorrect, shocking and seditious, but author managed to gather very strong and logical arguments to support his claims. Just calm down and take it on intellect, not emotional level.
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Torek Source:
It is not easy to digest some of his points but a good ...
It is not easy to digest some of his points but a good read for a broad understanding of women.
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Getnat Source:
I liked very much
Yea very smart approach in relationships like he said "is in your best interest" to read it. Well thanks. A relire. Reread.
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Rodrigo Alvarez Source:
A lot of bulls***
It's a bit stupid it tries to define societal roles in a vary basic way you can't take this as an example of how modern society works, im halfway trough the book and is just really mehh, there are several things that are true in terms of basic psychology and marketing tools that are used to sell, sex does sell but also men are exploited in the same way so..., there are also several actual examples that make this guys arguments invalid, a lot of them are plain stupid or incredibly basic no quotes or resources whatsoever so its not something to be taken seriously if you read a medical book, marketing, psychology book, you will find references all over (By decent authors) because they are important to make a compelling argument , there are more factors involved in reproduction, roles and family that this book can cover.
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Cliente de Amazon Source:
Five Stars
Great Book! Vey eye opening!!
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Edward D. McWhorter Source:
The Cycle of Civilization
This book is a bit sexist, but accurate. I read the original translation of the Russian version. The author lays out in academic detail how women behave, why they do the things they do, why they sleep with particular men and why they "friend zone" other men. He has their decision process reduced to a flowchart algorithm, which in my experience is extremely accurate. He enumerates the conditions a women will go directly to sex with a man and the conditions where women will string a man along. The author explains why women become fat when life is easy and society is prosperous. Obesity rates are approaching 70% in America. The average women today weights 40 pounds more than the average American women in the 60s. This book is extremely timely. This is not a book on picking up women from a bar and banging them. This is an academic and historical thesis on gender roles and society. The author has several important insights, including that Christianity is not to be taken literally, but merely a prescription for society to follow in order to avoid repeating the mistakes that ended the prosperity and success of the Roman empire. This book will give you a much wider perspective on society, religion and sex roles. The author notes a historical trend that has been eluded to by many historians. Matriarchal societies do not evolve beyond mud hut level. The reason there are no matriarchal societies is that non-patriarchal societies economically collapse. Societies and culture are in competition and the superior culture or civilization comes to dominate and assimilate the inferior or less effective civilizations. The historical trend has been that societies that develop patriarchy and strongly enforced gender roles, out-compete matriarchal societies. Then life becomes easy. Women demand property rights, equal rights and begin working. They get it. Then women replace individual men with the state as providers. Then men op out of marriage and population decline begins and the society collapses. The women's liberation movement is not new, but something that has occurred throughout history several times in cycles over the last three thousand years. Population collapse, economic decline and dark ages have been a reoccurring constant throughout human history. This book lays the foundation for avoiding the cycles and historical trends that have destroyed all previously dominant civilizations and cultures on earth. This book is the cornerstone for understanding the economic and social decline of the west.
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HaltingState Source:
Looking for insight, found nothing but hate.
Being advertised to me as a life altering, mind blowing work of insight, a real must read for all men looking to understand women, I downloaded this work onto my kindle the moment I could. However, what I thought would be an enlightening read turned out to be the textual manifestation of all the toxic bile that has plagued the men’s rights movement and pickup community. It plays off of the anger, the hurt, the fear, and the paranoia of the so called “nice guy.” In reality this is little more than the author’s extended manifesto on how much he hates women. According to this book, women are nothing more than manipulative gold diggers that are good for nothing other than producing children. It establishes the paradox in which women are stupider then men, and yet at the same time some how much more clever than men allowing them to control all guys who even say “hello.” Women here are not people, they are objects and they are property, things to conquer and obtain. Her only value is in the form of her youth and in her beauty. The only way for a woman to be happy is if that happiness comes in the form of a big strong man. Yet even if she finds love and happiness, she is destined to try and ruin her life and the life of her family because she is a woman and that’s just what they do… Now I have been a part of the pickup community for a while now. As a result I have studied a lot of its literature, read a wide arrangement of scientific studies and research into human behavior and psychology, have spent hours upon hours researching human history, and spent just as much time if not more into improving both myself and my way of life. I've watched the growth and change within the community, seen teachers and coaches rise and fall, ideas and methods change, and seen the potential good that it can do. This book disgusts me for that very reason. As I said it is little more than the textual manifestation of all the negativity and anger towards women that gives the community a bad name. This is the kind of thinking that gives the men’s rights movement the label of a hate group, this is the kind of stuff that gives a bad image to a PUA, and this is the kind of stuff that can get people killed. In the wake of the Elliot Rodgers incident, we as men cannot allow for this kind of mentality to be propagated. Anyone who reads this as a sort of new testament of masculinity is only perpetuating this kind of hate. Gender identity and understanding is messed up enough as is in the western world, this kind of writing only adds fuel to the fire and encourages greater divides between people. I have no doubt that I have read much of the same material as the author has, though he does not clearly list his sources, yet the conclusions that he reaches, the theories that he gives, and the rational and argument behind all of it is deeply flawed by his own bias and hate against those with a double X chromosome. While my review might be ill met by many who already believe in this way, claiming that I have taken some kind of blue pill and stayed in dream land, let me put it this way. I've been through the rabbit hole, and this is not the red pill or even the blue pill, this is a cyanide capsule. Gentlemen, this is not a book that is pro men, but anti women. And one reformed nice guy to another, you will find no real understanding of women to be had here.
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Alex Source:
A book that explains everything in life
I read this book in its Russian version. It explains everything a modern man needs to know in his life. His role in the society and relationships. Absolutely recommended for ALL men, especially those who grew up in the West.
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Nick Source:
Must read for guys in 20s
I did not buy this book, but i read this book in 2011 on my kindle. It is amazing! It just explains in plalin words all you need to know about women. What is feminism, gender roles, and most important - how our society is wicked /poisoned with assumptions on men/women! The books also explains the negative effect of sexual revolution; how the society and culture shape families in middle east, western and eastern societies - what is different etc. Overall it is a must read.. 100%
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kaban Source:
Men got to read this!
A must read for men of all ages. You will be enlighten with new knowledge & wisdom! And tell other men about it too!
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yuna Source:
Unbelievable! This book should become the red pill bible. This book is eye opening; damn near revolutionary in its ability to sum up the modern world of gender relations in a manner I haven't seen done before. I believe every modern male should read this book.
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Soul Warrior Source:
Good book
This book is very good for men, who want to be success private life
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arseny8 Source:
Five Stars
Must read every men!
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Dzmitry Source:
Pseudoscientific sexist trash
Three really big problems with this book:
1) Pseudoscience. Tons of mistakes about paleolitic humans, animal ranks, human psychology. Idea of human ranks based on pseudoscientific Protopopov's theory (Protopopov not a scientist, he is a Russian writer) and does not supported by anthropologists, psychologists or any other scientists. Russian scientists already published a critical review on this book; there are strongly negative reviews in Russian press - such a Novaya Gazeta or
2) Sexism and racism. Highly offensive for women. Just one citation: 'Patriarchy is viewed by feminists, who live in large metropolises, as system of women’s slavery, but actually is a society that liberated itself from the ballast of obese, parasitic women'. Read this and then google for the author's photo.
3) Oleg Novoselov is not a psychologist. Not a scientist. Not even a social worker. He is graduated as physicist more then twenty years ago. Then he sold some scientific equipment and then becomes a beekeper. He is divorced now (his wife makes an academic career in UK, he does not), so I really don't understand in what universe Oleg Novoselov may be called an expert of interpersonal relations.
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Alexey D. Timoshenko Source:
What an angry author
Such an angry and backwards person, mesmerizing and reminiscing about cave man times when females were more like possessions than anything else. It's like reading a Bible written by the antichrist.
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Sajida Source:
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Chapter 1

Take the first step in the realities
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between men and women.